Meter Bagging can be requested by contacting the Chattanooga Parking Authority at 423-648-4031 during normal operating hours.

Bagged and blocked off parking spot in the city of Chattanooga are billed $15.00 a day per spot. Meter holidays are not included. We accept Cash, Credit Card, or Checks for these transactions.

If placing a dumpster you are required to fill out a Work Zone Permit Request form which is available for download. Download Permit

Frequently asked questions exist around what type of bag needs to be requested. Below is an explanation.

RED BAG METERS – NO PARKING – No parking by anyone is allowed in the spot at any time for any reason. The red bag is used most often for events and city use.

ORANGE BAG METERS – RESERVED PARKING – These spots are reserved spots and when purchased are given a placard that must be placed in the dash to validate that the reserved spot is being used for its intended purpose.